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Those daggum 'earthly courts' and their opinions about *civil* marriage policy

by Jeremy Hooper

Billy Graham's son, who is infinitely more of an anti-gay activist than his father ever was, is all kinds of mad about that the United States Supreme Court did not defer to some sort of unseen Jesus Court (is that in the Seventh Heaven Circuit?) when weighing in on civil marriage policy:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 At 8.11.01 Pm
[Franklin Graham]

What does that last line even mean for our society? I mean think about how self-centered and myopic you have to be to even peck out a line like that. First of all, he is saying that this nation, a non-theocracy last time I checked, must fall in line with his chosen religious beliefs and interpretations thereof. But even if he would allow those pesky Americans with differing beliefs to exist here as the taxpayers that we are, Franklin is literally suggesting that courts should not even preside over cases that he and his likeminded team have decided are only to be debated in God's unseen (cameras aren't allowed), undocumented (stenographers either), and often unconstitutional (the US Constitution involves fare fewer concubines and far less stoning) court room. He's saying that decisions are predetermined because he, or at least his version of "He." says they are.

And what's even scarier is that he says it because this is how he wants it to be.

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