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Three Notre Dame professors condemn school for backing what majority of US Catholics already support

by Jeremy Hooper

Three Notre Dame professors have taken to the increasingly hostile Public Discourse site (which is edited by increasingly hostile marriage inequality activist Ryan Anderson) to chastise their own university and its president for extending benefits to legally married same-sex couples. Because to these professors, gay couples have no shot at anything other that immorality:

So extension of marriage benefits to such employees directly incentivizes the making of and persistence in a public commitment to be sexually available to another person of the same sex—that is, to be available for intrinsically immoral sex acts. The extension is made conditional on this public commitment (whether or not such immoral sex actually occurs between the two persons, or occurs more frequently than it would in the absence of the public commitment). On the annulling or dissolution of the public commitment, the benefits will be withdrawn. And these benefits are not to be available to couples, same-sex or otherwise, unless they make and declare the public commitment, a commitment which for same-sex couples is intrinsically immoral.

Thus, the benefits extension undeniably has the direct effect of encouraging same-sex couples to make or persist in an immoral commitment. It constitutes an endorsement of this commitment, promotes it with direct benefits, and cooperates in it in a way that, on widely used theological conceptions, constitutes formal cooperation with wrongdoing. Therefore, it is intrinsically wrongful and must never be done.
The Implications of Extending Marriage Benefits to Same-Sex Couples [Public Discourse]

Of course those of us who follow this stuff know that US Catholics have long polled as some of our biggest supporters in the faith community, with a majority of America's papal people routinely stating support for full marriage equality. It's just that the leadership, and particularly the bishops, have been so committed to discrimination, and so loud and political about it, that the hostile side of the inner-church divide gets the outsized attention.

But whatever. They can repeat the phrase "intrinsically immoral" until they are blue in the rosary. Those of us who reject the immorality that is the crude rejection of good and decent minority populations will lead by example. We will live our bests, even if others insist we are living as beasts.

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