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Tony Perkins conflates heterosexual sex scandal with Atlanta Fire Chief's anti-gay beliefs

by Jeremy Hooper

There is a sexual brouhaha playing out within the Philadelphia fire department involving heterosexual sex between on- and off-duty paramedics, firefighters, and other emergency personnel. And according to Tony Perkins, the is the perfect thing to conflate with the Atlanta fire chief who, by writing a book in which he condemned homosexuality, was, according to the FRC president, simply "fighting [immorality]":

The Philadelphia Fire Department is generating heat all right-but not the kind most people had in mind. Hi, I'm Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. In Pennsylvania, the only thing firefighters are engulfed in is controversy. At least a dozen members of the city's squad are under investigation for sexual misconduct on duty. "It's bad stuff," said former Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers. But here's the irony. While Philly is getting punished for immorality, an Atlanta Fire Chief was fired for fighting it. Kelvin Cochran was a leader on the force with a deep Christian faith. In fact, he was such a firm believer in biblical sexuality that he wrote a book on the subject. But instead of encouraging Cochran's values, they punished him. They said he had no business bringing his faith-and its positive impact-to work! Imagine how many Philadelphias there'll be if the government kicks morality out of every office! Because when Christianity is forced out, Philadelphia knows: you're only playing with fire.

Tony (or whoever wrote this for him) is astoundingly obtuse if he thinks this helps Mr. Cochran's case. The whole reason controversy came to Cochran is because he does seem to see homosexuality as "immorality" that he needs to publicly fight, which is something that understandably makes many Atlanta residents, including the mayor, extremely concerned. By highlighting this fact, FRC is only making things worse for Cochran. They are helping make our point, not their side's.

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