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Truly beyond the pale words from someone the right wing media keeps promoting

by Jeremy Hooper

As with every activist I've challenged over ten years time, everything I know, write, feel, or care about relatively minor player Robert Oscar Lopez comes from the words, speeches, articles, amicus briefs and advocacy work that he, per his own will and volition, chose to put on the record. When he talked, I listened and documented his constant barrage of jaw-dropping comments, and then I voiced countering opinions about them. That is called discourse.

But this is how he, someone who mainstream conservatives keep promoting as a mainstream voice....

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 At 12.57.02 Pm
[Heritage's Ryan Anderson, prompting R.O.L's latest, as he does with most of R.O.L.'s articles]

...routinely and obsessively talks about me and my family:

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 At 12.44.18 Pm-1
[Robert's blog]

I'm not even going to dignify these, the abusive words that just about anyone from any ideology or political stance can see transcend the boundaries of political decorum. I just want to record these words because Robert has a tendency to delete things.

Frankly, I'm happy he's helping show his true colors, reveal certain parts of his character, and exemplify the kinds of nasty and insulting personal attacks that those of us who operate on the pro-LGBT side know all too well. This will be very helpful if his movement continues to promote him in the run up to the Supreme Court.

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