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Um, isn't 'appeasement' sort of what bakers do?

by Jeremy Hooper

While it's not the perfect word, the concept of "appeasing (wo)man" could be fairly applied to most bakers who make on-demand cakes. Customers come in with specific requests and needs, and the baker tries his or her best to meet said needs so that the exchange is productive and conflict-free.

But check this, the latest post from the Oregon baker that has been found guilty of denying service to a lesbian couple:

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 At 1.53.39 Pm
[Sweet Cakes]

To be frank, this sounds like someone who should not run a public accommodation. Which is fine. Not everyone has to operate a business. Melissa and Aaron Klein might feel themselves called instead to ministerial or even political work. They can absolutely make the choice to service their faith through every last one of their lives' dealings. They have that choice to make.

But if you want to run a public accommodation, then you will comply with the policies of your jurisdiction. Every vendor knows (or should know) the lay of the land when he or she sets up a shingle. No one is above the law—period, full stop.

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