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Video: Huckabee attacks 'lies' the drive concentration camps, gas chambers, and—marriage equality?!

by Jeremy Hooper

You know what was evil? The Holocaust.

You know what is not like the Holocaust? Just about everything.

You know what's really, especially, not in any way like the Holocaust? Civil marriage equality for same-sex couples who pay taxes like everyone else.

You know whose rhetoric is pretty much past the point of any responsible commentator's defense? Mike "it's a national joke to think I could ever be president" Huckabee:


But you guys, he's been to Auschwitz. Trust him when he makes a disgusting rhetorical comparison between Schindler's List and Modern Family.

In this same speech, from some grossly mistitled grift that he hosted this weekend, Huck went on to defend anti-gay groups like the American Family Association as simply speaking "the truth" about homosexuality. Because he wants that, an actual lie, to permeate. But don't worry, Mike—I wouldn't dream of connecting your dangerous spin as being on par with genocide. I have values.

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