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Video: Man who's directly compared homosexuality to pedophilia will now lecture you on extremism

by Jeremy Hooper

Family Research Council employee EW Jackson believes gay people are "frankly very sick" and sees a direct connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. But for some reason, the extremely anti-LGBT FRC believes that he, an undeniable voice of anti-gay extremism, is the appropriate person to lecture researchers and messengers like the Southern Poverty Law Center on extremism, specifically as it applies to Ben Carson.

Oh, and then (around 3:50) he calls SPLC, a civil rights organization known and respected for its work on behalf of African-American people and against the extremist groups that denigrate the same, a "racist" organization before comparing them to slave masters. Enjoy:

What next, FRC—going to ask Chef Boyardee to explain why the Olive Garden is authentically Italian?


Oh, and by the way, Ben Carson has gone WAAAAY beyond merely opposing marriage equality, including linking homosexuality to bestiality and NAMBLA. But social conservatives hide behind the marriage thing for reasons I've already discussed.

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