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Video: Onetime LGBT community foe delivers crushing blow to 'religious freedom' (a.k.a. license to discriminate) bills

by Jeremy Hooper

When he was the state attorney general of Georgia (first as a Democrat and then as a Republican), Mike Bowers acted like a very anti-gay, very conservative politician. You know the Bowers v. Hardwick case of 1986 in which the US Supreme Court upheld sodomy laws across the nation (before overturning them in 2003)? Mike Bowers is the Bowers in that famous case. He also once fired a lesbian attorney simply because she was planning a commitment ceremony with her partner. Not our friend, this guy.

But times? They change. And so do people. Which is one reason why this very same Michael Bowers—the sodomy-banning, lesbian firing Mike Bowers—is working with Georgia Equality to speak out strongly against the so-called "religious freedom" bills (which are really license-to-discriminate bills) that are making their way through the Georgia legislature and throughout this nation. Here's the video and story from Project Q Atlanta:

STORY: State’s ex top lawyer rips ‘religious freedom’ bills [Project Q]

**MORE: Mike Bowers Calls For A “Swift Death” To Georgia Religious Freedom Bills [Buzzfeed]

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