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Video: Rep. Gohmert, Gov. Huckabee, other radical anti-gay activists in new trailer for fear doc

by Jeremy Hooper

In the last teaser clip, we saw longtime anti-gay/pro-discrimination activist Janet Porter carrying a lantern through darkened woods, the suggestion apparently being that America is lost in a fog of gayness and only Ms. Porter's light can guide us home. In this new and extended one, Porter beings by saying the gay rights movement is "like a tank in Tiananmen Square" before introducing a who's who of fringe activists about whom we will soon be able to ask, "um, who?"

The final film will reportedly include more GOP members of US Congress, including likely presidential candidate Rand Paul. Which is sure to be really great and effective—for anyone on the Democratic side tasked with doing opposition research on these Republicans who hope to advance their political careers.

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