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Video: When junk science, a cheesy premise and offensive glibness collide

by Jeremy Hooper

The study is bogus, shepherded by a priest who has done anti-gay work for Family Research Council and can't even write the word "marriage" without putting it in smear quotes. The journal also seems to be one of those pay-to-publish kinds of deals, with its publisher, ScienceDomain Intl., appearing on a few lists of journals to watch out for. But hey, it's good enough for Focus on the Family to make an offensively flip clip attacking those of us who parent while married to someone of the same-sex:

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: for parents like me, stuff like this isn't just an attempted political hit or even cautionary tale. This is nothing short of an assault on my home and my sixteen-month-old child. It is an attempt not only to stop or roll back rights in the present (which is not going to happen), but it's also an effort to shape the minds of our children as they grow so that they very well might see us, and them, as broken and in need of something else. I truly believe that is what Focus on the Family and likeminded groups want our kids to believe.

It's disgusting behavior.

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