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Why the anti–equal rights movement is losing, in one headline

by Jeremy Hooper

Rob Schwarzwalder is the Senior Vice President at one of the conservative movement's top policy shops, Family Research Council. This being so, Schwarzwalder is regularly tasked with presenting capable arguments against civil rights like marriage. To accomplish this task in any way that can hold up in venues that respect the crucial church and state separations of this nation, Schwarzwalder and his employers need to come up with arguments that credibly explain why a rich, vibrant, valid minority population made up of millions of hardworking, tax-paying American citizens deserve to be treated differently under civil law.

And yet it always—always, every time, whether overtly or more cleverly—comes down to this, the definitive view on sexuality that drives the entire conservative movement:

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I actually love this headline because it is indeed an honest assessment of what FRC and every single group that fights against us in courts and legislatures truly believes. Virtually to a person, the movement that opposes us operates under the self-centered impression that they need no other argument that what they interpret the bible to say.

I say in my own headline that this myopic view is why the other side is losing. In truth, it's broader than that. It's really the view that is making people like Mr. Schwarzwalder and groups like FRC total non-entities in LGBT rights conversations. After so many years of being unable to state anything that resembles an argument that is grounded in constitutional rather than spiritual law, people are starting to wonder why we should even care what they have to say. I mean, we all know how they feel about us, and most us really don't care all that much. So Rob Schwarzwalder doesn't like my sex life. Okay? Unless my own last name happens to Schwarzwalder, I see no reason why I should care. Increasingly, this is the feeling shared by most commentators, politicos, and politicians—even Republican ones.

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