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Congrats, Dolce & Gabbana! America's major marriage discrimination org. thinks you're on trend

by Jeremy Hooper

From the National Organization For Marriage:

Bravo to Dolce and Gabbana for daring to speak the truth; they are as bold in their speech as they are in their designs, and deserve to be applauded. While others will continue to vent their disagreement, the billionaire pair are wonderful advocates for the true definitions of marriage and family.

Ahh, congrats, boys!!! Some gay designers work their whole careers to nab the most covers of Italian Vogue. Others apparently want to Dolce-Gabbana-Fashion-Wallpapers-3-Wallpaper-1 culminate in praise from an organization that's virulently opposed to same-sex marriage (and all things homosexuality, really).

No word on how D & G will return the favor. Although I do hear the next time NOM tries to put a minority population's civil rights up for a vote, they plan to do it in haute couture.

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