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FRC keeps lying about where majority of Americans stand on marriage equality

by Jeremy Hooper

Reacting to the news that eleven Republican US Senators voted in favor of a measure that ensures Social Security and veterans benefits to same-sex couples regardless of whether or not their state has marriage equality, exceedingly anti-gay Family Research Council president Tony Perkins says the following:

"It was disappointing to see eleven GOP Senators and moderate Democrats join with the Obama Administration by approving the Schatz amendment that usurps state laws the people passed to uphold natural marriage, the union of one man and one woman. Did these eleven Republican Senators not know that federal departments already recognize same sex couples? The purpose of this amendment was to use federal policy to redefine marriage in states in which the people voted to support natural marriage. A majority of Americans continue to believe marriage is the union of one man and woman, and do not want Washington, D.C. imposing a redefinition of marriage upon them"
(via emailed press release)

On the disappointment note: Buckle your seat belts, Mr. Perkins, because the GOP of the next ten years is going to be dealing you heaping helpings of disappointment on marriage equality. You've largely lost, and both parties realize it.

But the greater nonsense here is in Tony's ludicrous claim that a majority of Americans still share his position on marriage. There isn't one credible poll indicating this. Tony is of course using a bunk poll that FRC commissioned with a right wing firm to make his claim. Because that's all he can do at this point: write fiction. And really bad fiction at that.

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