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Ha! NOM uses ad for a desk to represent president's real office

by Jeremy Hooper

This is the header from the National Organization For Marriage's latest action alert:

Nom-Email-Header-Retina Desk

Cook office! Sleek. Modern. With the times.

Only thing? It's not Brian's office. Although it could be if he wants to pay the Executive Desk Company they nearly four thousand dollars they are asking in the ad from which NOM grabbed this graphic:

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 At 12.37.17 Pm
SOURCE: EDeskCo.com

I mean, I know times must be hard over there at NOM. But I would presume Brian at least still has furniture in his office. Right?

One more funny thing: Notice they blurred out the Apple logo on the laptop. Guess NOM can't support a company (and company head) that so proudly and strongly repudiates everything for which they stand. And by "stand," I think I mean that in the figurative sense. But who knows, since NOM's president doesn't necessarily have a real desk.

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