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Idaho House makes a mockery of legislature, targets judiciary

by Jeremy Hooper

If you can't beat 'em, just end their careers:

IDAHO: House Votes To Impeach Any Judge That Rules For Same-Sex Marriage [J.M.G.]

If this were to pass into law, there is no way it could hold up under legal scrutiny. You can't just impeach judges because they make a constitutionally sound decision with which you and your faith-based fervor personally disagree. And in fact, keep such fervor off of the fair application of the law—and particularly when it applies to minority populations who have been subjugated by majority tyranny—is kind of the role of the judiciary.

But we are dealing with oppositional forces whose options are now as limited as their willing to understand that which they fear. I guess desperate times call for bills that make mockeries of legislatures.

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