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If you support adoption but oppose same-sex adoption, the reason is animus

by Jeremy Hooper

In the wake of the Dolce & Gabanna fiasco, I keep seeing social conservatives highlight one comment in particular:

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Now, there are obviously many wonderful and viable paths to parenthood for gay people. But for the purpose of this post, let's accept that these rabid social conservatives, like Mr. Dolce, are opposed to surrogacy/IVF. Not agree with it, obviously, but let's acknowledge that it's how they feel. They think it's wrong. Okay.

But that still leaves adoption in the picture, which just about any rational human being is going to support (and which "pro-life" conservatives strongly encourage over abortion). If you support adoption, in general, but you do not support same-sex couples as worthwhile adoptive families, then you have just come out and admitted that you are anti-gay. Or at the very least heterosexist in a way that unfairly penalizes same-sex couples for simply being gay. There is almost no way around it.

There are many heterosexual adoptive couples who "cannot have a child" the way Mr. Dolce and Mr. Anderson prefer. For all intents and purposes, these couples are in the very same boat as same-sex couples. The will, means, aptitude, commitment, resources, and love might be in place, but the biology does not work out in reproduction's favor. If these opposite-sex couples then pursue adoption, there is no practical difference between these couples. And if you insist that there is, then there is no other reason for that than your own buying into the idea that gay couples are, at best, unfit environments for the rearing of kids. In most cases, it's even deeper and more animus-driven than that.

And it doesn't even have to hinge on the ability to reproduce through sperm and egg. Opposite-sex couples choose adoption for many loving reasons. Same-sex couples, too. Both can become great (or crappy) parents. Tiering these couples, and ultimately devaluing those who are gay or lesbian, based on anything other than qualifications and birth parent(s) wishes is an act of hostility against certain types of people based solely on who they are rather than what they can do for the world and its children.

And yes, a gay person can hold such anti-gay views. Sadly.

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