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Indiana threatens its commerce, tourism dollars, reputation, general welfare of its citizenry

by Jeremy Hooper

What to say, really? Another GOP-led legislature in another red state has passed a measure that the far-right hopes will help them discriminate against same-sex couples who seek their services:

Indiana's governor signs bill allowing businesses to reject gay customers [CNN]

Supporters of the license-to-discriminate bill, including the conservative governor who might run for president in '16, are pretending like this push is benign and that the time is coincidental. Bullsh*t. Indiana does not protect LGBT people from discrimination, and this is a naked attempt to keep it that way (and chip away at existing protections in jurisdictions across the state). It is in every way a response to same-sex marriage, which is now legal in Indiana. This is the far-right's strategy to get around marriages that they don't personally like. I know. I saw some of their (intercepted) strategy documents a full two years ago.


*One of the chief anti-LGBT/pro-discrimination groups behind the measure doesn't even hide its intent:

Churches, Christian businesses and individuals deserve protection from those who support homosexual marriages and those who support government recognition and approval of gender identity (men who dress as women). SB 101 will help provide the protection! [Advance America]

Governor Pence has personally thanked this very organization for "bettering the state."

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