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Man who insinuated it's better to be thrown into sea than support homosexuality attended #SB101 signing ceremony

by Jeremy Hooper

Micah Clark, the head of the American Family Association of Indiana, once used a biblical admonishment against the Boy Scouts, suggesting that it would be better to be drowned than to lead a youth into "treatable, changeable" homosexuality:

This very same Micah Clark, along with other anti-gay leaders like Curt Smith and Eric Miller, were standing right behind Indiana governor Mike Pence (R) when he signed Indiana's extremely controversial license-to-discriminate bill during a closed-door event. Clark himself promoted signing the event:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 At 4.05.43 Pm
[AFA of Indiana's Micah Clark]

This new law was not designed to be anti-LGBT? Riiiiiiiight, governor. I guess these folks who've built their careers off such advocacy just happened to be in the neighborhood and you grabbed them off the street to fill some seats? I get it, governor. That happened to me once with a taping of The View.


*UPDATE: Twitter user @SeaMonkey237 made a handy graphic (using the GLAAD CAP data that I helped create):


I'm also 90% sure that's the Alliance Defending Freedom's Kellie Fiedorek to Clark's right. Remember her?

ADF's Fiedorek equates serving an LGBT person with serving the KKK, burning Koran, but Chris Cuomo is having none of it [GLAAD]

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