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NC activists choose name that sounds like Lifetime movie, plot that's discriminatory

by Jeremy Hooper

Against her better judgement, a college freshman named Charlotte Roberson finds herself in a pair of torrid affairs with both her English professor and that professor's T.A. "Don't do it, Charlotte!" command the friends to whom she confesses. And when the school's dean turns up murdered as a result of her indiscretions, young Charlotte realizes she should have heeded their warnings.

That would be a more likely plot for any creative endeavor that I choose to call "Don't Do It, Charlotte." But local anti-LGBT activists in Charlotte, NC have another form of bad acting in mind:

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 At 8.30.28 PmAsk Charlotte City Council to vote “NO” on the proposed City ordinance that would create non-discrimination laws on the basis of “marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression,”
Rally in Charlotte
Join us on Monday, March 2nd, (New Date) at 4:00 pm outside of Charlotte Mecklenburg Gov't Center for a Don't Do It Charlotte Rally to show City Council that you oppose this ordinance.
MORE INFO: DontDoItCharlotte.com

My version would probably star some former Disney star itching to transition into edgy roles. The anti-gay activists' little stunt stars the Benham brothers, who seem to be itching to prove that they are even more hostile to civil rights and fair accommodation than we all thought they were. Both should be seen for the ridiculous, far-fetched, melodramatic camp that they are.

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