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NOM admits its strategy: Framing SCOTUS's most likely marriage ruling as illegitmate

by Jeremy Hooper

I've mentioned on a couple of occasions how groups like the National Organization For Marriage are now playing a long game where they've given up on actually beating us in court on marriage and are instead working to paint the Supreme Court's likely ruling in favor of fifty-state marriage equality as inherently illegitimate. But today NOM is just coming right out and saying in the plainest language possible:

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"...to let the Supreme Court know in no uncertain terms that the American people won't accept as legitimate a ruling that redefines our most cherished institution." [NOM]

And there you have it. Brian Brown, like everyone else, knows that his team is going to lose. And if they're all honest with themselves, they even know they should lose because their side has made astoundingly abysmal showings in just about every level of court. Public opinion has shifted rapidly and drastically, with all credible polls giving equality the hefty and demographically sustainable lead. Gay couples are marrying in even our reddest states with virtually no controversy to speak of. Etcetera, etcetera. All of these facts are inescapable, even for the truest believers on the anti-gay side.

So their answer? To pregame the whole thing by saying the ruling is illegitimate, before they ever read one word of it or hear one argument from either side. It's yet another gross and cynical move from one of the worst actors in American politics.

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