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NOM admits 'religious freedom' bills are about discriminating against same-sex couples; thanks, NOM

by Jeremy Hooper

It's telling how Brian Brown, the head of an organization that will say, do, and pass anything that weakens or works around civil marriage equality, singles out Miley Cyrus, as if the singer is the only one saying anything about Indiana and a law that has earned the scorn of countless many. But whatever. So long as B.B. admits and therefore helps us prove that the intent behind all of these so-called "religious freedom" bills is, in fact, to allow resistant Christians to turn away same-sex couples when they seek their services, he can be as glib as he wants to be:

Nom Photos Brian-Brown 2X3-200-1 "It's outrageous how the gay rights lobby and their allies in Hollywood and the media are drumming up hysteria on Hoosierland, by grossly misrepresenting the Religious Liberty Restoration Act, falsely describing it as a 'license to discriminate''" ...I am certain that noted legal 'experts' like Miley Cyrus have not even read a single word of the legislation, taking their cue from pro-gay marriage groups who trot out tired talking points to claim 'discrimination' when the real victims of discrimination are the individuals and small businesses who have been punished for living their faith in the workplace and compelled against their will to participate in same-sex weddings. This legislation does not exempt any person from any claim of discrimination, all it does is give someone a defense they can raise in court if they are the target of governmental action seeking to compel them to participate in something that violates their sincerely held religious beliefs."
"Contrary to the claims of opponents of this legislation, it is people of faith who are being discriminated against by powerful groups intent on forcing them to support controversial issues such as same-sex 'marriage,' or risk losing their livelihood and personal assets"... "Across the country whenever same-sex 'marriage' is imposed by courts, lawsuits and punishment soon follow for people of faith who cannot compromise their beliefs about the truth of marriage and do not wish to participate in a same-sex ceremony. Now state officials including Attorneys General are using the power of the state to shut down businesses and threaten their owners that they will take all their personal assets as punishment for refusing to go along with same-sex marriage. SB 101 in Indiana will at least give Hoosiers the opportunity to raise a defense in court to combat this kind of harassment and discrimination by governmental entities. We commend Governor Mike Pence and the lawmakers of Indiana who have acted to move this common-sense legislation"

National Organization For Marriage president Brian Brown

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