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NOM cofounder Maggie Gallagher proposes new org: NORL

by Jeremy Hooper

Claiming that she and her "traditional marriage" supporters are a minority group and bemoaning that "big business" is coming out strongly against the so-called "religious liberty" (i.e. license to discriminate) bills that are emerging in conservative-led legislatures across the nation, National Organization For Marriage cofounder Maggie Gallagher is now saying that her team needs to start a new National Organization For Religious Liberty. Explains Maggie:

We need a national organization that spends money on federal elections to pass new workplace protections for traditional believers.
The great lesson social conservatives need to learn from our losses in the gay marriage fight—and there are many of them—is that we aren’t a politically organized minority group yet. But we had better become one. You aren’t a politically organized unless and until you have organizations that can affect elections directly, by summoning foot soldiers for the ground game and money for the air war. We do not yet have a single social conservative group that operates in this space, except the Susan B. Anthony List on abortion. I do not know that S.B. 129 is a particularly effective bill. I know the difficulty passing it in a state like Georgia is a sign of our times. We need effective, thrifty, disciplined political organizations which will help local groups message, but which will fight primarily federally.
We Need a National Organization for Religious Liberty [Pulse]

Such nerve. Maggie talks about how her side's losses in the marriage fight are many, yet she fails to acknowledge how instrumental she herself was in leading her team to these losses. She was front and center in the "traditional marriage" strategy. And yes, she created a national organization for marriage that is just like the one she is describing now. And it all failed. Why are her movement's funders supposed to trust her now?!

This is total deja vu. Maggie's pitch here sounds just like the pitches I heard her giving back around 2007 when she was trying to sell the idea behind NOM and was so busily putting her rights on the ballot. That all failed because the underlying idea was unconstitutional. These "religious freedom" bills would ultimately meet the same fate. Please, America, don't force LGBT activists to say "we told you so!" twice. We have a chance to save a lot of time, resources, money, and goodwill.

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