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NOM resorts to blatant lying in its 2015 #March4Marriage materials

by Jeremy Hooper

Check out this nonsense, which you can find in the talking points that the National Orgaanization For Marriage is distributing in support of its upcoming "march for marriage":

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 At 1.20.56 Pm
SOURCE: NOM's March For Marriage talking points

Of course the truth is that we are nearing forty states that already have marriage equality, even before Supreme Court action. NOM's "most states still define marriage..." line is a crazy lie.

And of course it's also true that all credible polling puts support for marriage equality in the majority column, not the inverse that NOM demands. Usually they at least concoct polls to make them look winning. This time they're just draping the curtain and hoping we won't lift it.

All of which just further shows you why they hate the judiciary the most. Groups like NOM only exist because being a special interest group only requires you to find enough people to consume the empty calories that you are forcing down their throats. Courts, on the other hand, demand you actually have a valid case to make. They don't have anything close to a credible case or any legal team that has come close to making one, thus the rage.

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