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NOM to gay families: Your relationships are 'simply about adult sexual desires'

by Jeremy Hooper

I have a husband, a child, and in-laws. I have bills and wills and taxes. I have decisions about schools and meals and whether that sweater will be warm enough for that day. I have a teething toddler and an overworked spouse. I have a never-ending to-do list of family and work commitments. I have more love and security and blessings than I ever dreamt I'd have, which far overshadow the long hours and occasional frustrations.

In short, I have a marriage and a family. But not to National Organization For Marriage president Brian Brown, I don't. Because to that advocate of discrimination, people like me are incapable of relationships that go beyond "adult sexual desires":

One thing the US Supreme Court won't be able to do is redefine marriage, because marriage was created by God himself as the union of one man and one woman, and no judge or politician has the power to change it.

But let's not downplay the importance of this case — an adverse Supreme Court ruling that takes relationships that are simply about adult sexual desires and attaches the label 'marriage' to them would deal a devastating blow to our cause and likely take us years to recover from. So this is our last, best chance to wake up the Supreme Court and let them know that the American people demand that they respect our votes and our voice and not meddle in the democratic decisions of state voters and legislators to define marriage in the law as it exists in reality — one man and one woman.

Oh yeah, I have sex too. Quite a bit of it. If the cliché about sex dwindling after years of marriage has truth, no one told me or my spouse of twelve years.

But reducing my marriage and my family to being "simply about adult sexual desires" would be like saying the United States Constitution is only about its two mentions of the words "religion" or "religious." Then again, Brian surely wishes it were.

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