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Psst, NOM—your stock photo supplier, like your country, accommodates gay marriages

by Jeremy Hooper

The National Organization For Marriage is up with another one of their pithy photo memes that position opposite-sex unions above all others:

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 At 8.04.56 Pm

Funny thing though? If you go to the purchase page of NOM's stock photo supplier, you don't have to look far—just three pics down and one turn to the left—to find that their creative visionary is quite comfortable with including same-sex couples as well:

ferdiperdozniy's protfolio [iStockPhoto]

Aren't they always saying that we have to respect artists and their creative vision when it comes to wedding cakes and flowers and whatnot? Well, back atcha, NOM. If you want to use this stock photo supplier for your heterosexism and homo-hostility, at least respect that the person who supplied the creative foundation for your little motif here actually holds a vision that's much more inclusive than your own—just like the majority of your fellow citizens and the majority (and soon all) of these United States.

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