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Science doesn't believe homosexuality is genetic, claims noted geneticist Maggie Gallagher

by Jeremy Hooper

Actually, the most recent major study—and one featuring brothers, to boot—suggests that homosexuality does have some sort of a genetic link. But not so, demands omnipresent gay rights opponent Maggie Gallagher. According to the doyenne of marital discrimination, science is going the other way (and she uses politically-motivated Catholic researcher Paul McCugh, who filed an amicus brief against us in the Prop 8 case, as "proof"), all actions are choices, and those choices deserve moral reflection.

Round it out with a snarky, bumper sticker–like dismissal of same-sex marriages, and you have classic Gallagher-style animus:

[T]he scientific evidence increasingly disfavors the idea that homosexuality is primarily genetic (since in the vast majority of cases of identical twins where one is gay, the other is not).
Note that there are genetic influences on most complex human social choices, including political ideology. We aren’t angels; we have minds in bodies that affect the way we perceive the world and choose to act in it.

In my own perfect world, presidential candidates would not be weighing in on essentially scientific questions like the origins of homosexuality. The place to rest our case for equal treatment of traditional believers is that actions are choices, choices which in a free society must be subject to moral reflections, not policed as if they were skin color, something over which the individual has no control.

The place to rest our case for marriage is in the reality that our whole society depends on bringing together male and female to make new life and connect those babies to their mom and dad. We simply do not have the same interest in regulating gay unions as if they were marriages.

Because they are not.
Pulse 2016

Gee, Maggie, you sound passionate. You should launch a major campaign against us claiming that same-sex marriages are not marriages, putting yourself front and center in that fight, and see how that lifestyle choices goes for you and your political team.

Oh, right.

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