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Shellshocked Gov. Pence in full-blown spin mode

by Jeremy Hooper

He has made anti-LGBT policy work a major part of his career, leading opposition to Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal back when he was in Congress and opposing marriage equality in every way possible. He has praised the very anti-LGBT orgs. in his state who admit that the new "religious freedom" law is designed to get around gay marriages. He invited these same orgs to the signing of the "religious freedom" law for which they all aggressively lobbied precisely because they are pissed about same-sex marriage and LGBT rights.

Now listen in as Republican Governor Mike Pence act like the innocent who didn't really know (what he totally knew) he was doing:

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 At 8.32.38 Pm
Screen Shot 2015-03-30 At 8.32.42 Pm
[Gov Pence]

And what if you saw a bakery owner who specializes only in wedding cakes refusing to serve a gay couple? Would you still eat there, Pence?

And stop lying in saying you "abhor discrimination." Someone who abhors discrimination doesn't fight to stop soldiers from serving their country openly under the premise that it would "mainstream homosexuality."

You built this horrible boondoggle, governor. Own it. Then fix it.

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