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Video: AFA prez expounds on organization's movement-destructive ad by adding even more religious fervor

by Jeremy Hooper

Yesterday I showed you the pragmatism-deprived ad that the American Family Association, one of the high-profile "pro-family" groups that has been working in concert with the broader conservative movement to stop marriage equality in this nation, placed in The Washington Post. Now listen in as AFA's president continues to admit what those of us who have fought this fight have always known: that the other side is exclusively guided by their own belief that God simply dislikes homosexuality:

At this point, it really doesn't matter what they say. This being the clear truth, I guess groups like the AFA are working to hold on to their most radical supporters so that they can keep bashing us after we win at SCOTUS. After all, opposing marriage equality and homosexuality in general has been among the richest butter the religious right has ever used to butter its bread. Clearly they're going to miss the cash cow they milked out of our lives and loves. Perhaps they think if they go even more oppositional in the face of loss, they'll still wring some hard-earned dollars out of those who admire such stubbornness?

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