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Video: Liberty Counsel's Staver vows to disobey marriage equality; fine, and you'll suffer the penalties, Mat

by Jeremy Hooper

The far-right "culture warriors" who hijacked the Republican party all those decades ago have always operated with one of the most extreme and self-satisfied cases of entitlement in modern American history. However, the prospect of fifty-state marriage equality revealed the smug and self-centered core more than just about any development to come down the political pipe, with many prominent practitioners of that movement now insisting that they will simply ignore what the courts say and continue to deny gay people's legal rights.

Here's Mat Staver, frequent Fox News guest and prominent conservative legal guy, explaining why he is really the Martin Luther King in this fight, and why he cannot respect a gay couple's marriage anymore than he could "turn over a Jew in Nazi Germany:

The mask is coming off—and how!

We tried to tell you long ago, America, that these radical activists are extreme and have a really harsh view of us and our exclusion, just like we tried to tell you that banning marriage was a monumental waste of time and resource$ that would never hold up for long. Next time, listen to us.

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