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Video: Sen Manchin (D) finally elaborates on his resistance to same-sex marriage; says it 'would be hard to oppose'

by Jeremy Hooper

Throughout this interview, the lone Democrat to not endorse marriage equality uses the phrase "sexual preference," so it's another indicator that Sen. Joe Machin (D-WV), someone who didn't even vote for Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal, is not where we want him to be. But when pressed why he didn't join all of his other Senate Democrats in their pro–marriage equality amicus brief to the US Supreme Court, the senator does indicate that if it were to come up for a vote, it 'would be hard to oppose" (even though he seems to want to still oppose it). Here's the cued clip:

It of course will be handled in the courts, and I even agree with the senator that it logically should play out there. But I hope he's not seeking any profile-in-courage awards on this matter. His "own preference" has been consistently out of touch with progress.

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