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What winning looks like: WSJ/NBC News poll puts marriage equality support at whopping 59%

by Jeremy Hooper

A new poll, conducted by both a Democrat and Republican, is adding just a bit more ruin to the pro-discrimination movement's already crappy year:

Support for gay marriage has risen to an all-time high in the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, reinforcing it as one of the fastest-moving changes in social attitudes of this generation.

The new survey found that 59% of Americans support allowing same-sex marriage, nearly double the 30% support reported in 2004.

FULL: Support for Gay Marriage Hits All-Time High — WSJ/NBC News Poll [NBC]

Pundits are citing the poll as yet another clear sign; water-carriers for the wrong side of history are already installing the blinders and spin machines that will allow them to either ignore or twist it.

Oh who am I kidding? They never remove the blinders.

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