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WND columnist can't keep marriages or facts straight

by Jeremy Hooper

WND columnist Jerry Newcombe writes the following about marriage equality and how it has advanced in this nation:

Why are the voters of this country so marginalized?

In a recent interview I did with Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, he notes that even though same-sex marriage is now legal in some 37 states, only in three of those states was it voted in by the people. In two of them, it was voted by the legislatures, the people’s representatives. With all the rest of the states, it only became legal by judicial fiat.

Uhm, try nine jurisdictions where it passed by legislative action: Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington D.C. Plus, in the three states where the people voted it in (Maine, Maryland, Washington), the people only had that opportunity because the legislature first voted it in. And actually, the California and New Jersey legislatures each voted for it as well, only the bills were ultimately vetoed by then-unsupportive (but now supportive) former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and still-unsupportive governor Chris Christie, respectively.

In total, that's fourteen places in America where legislative action went the way of civil marriage equality. Moreover, in some of the states where court action led the day, it's likely that those legislatures would have eventually acted in our favor as well (Connecticut and Massachusetts come to mind).

Courts have every right/demand to step up to this civil rights fight, as courts always have. But If you're going to concentrate on robbing the courts of their proper roles, Mr. Newcombe, at least get your facts right. I know that's not an editorial demand over there at WND, but you can at least make it a personal goal.

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