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Anti-gay NY state senator claims NOM has given him 117 buses for #March4Marriage

by Jeremy Hooper

6A00D8341C503453Ef017C371D6080970BNew York state Senator Ruben Diaz, an anti-gay Democrat, was laughably unsuccessful at stopping marriage equality when it came before a vote in his own chamber. Even so, the National Organization For Marriage keeps inviting the cowboy hat aficionado to its events. The reason why? Diaz, a longtime community activist and preacher, has a way of getting people to get on a bus, whether they even know what event they're on their way to attend.

This year is no different. Since NOM has absolutely no way of getting a crowd unless the pro-discrimination organization buses it in, the anti-gay state senator claims NOM has granted him a whopping one-hundred seventeen buses for him to spread across the NY and NJ area:

You should know that this coming Saturday, April 25th, 117 buses will take more than 6,000 people to Washington, D.C. These buses are being donated by the National Organization for Marriage, led by my friend, Brian Brown.

The buses will leave from all parts of the New York metropolitan area - including Long Island where Apostle Carlos Luis Vargas, President of the International Freeport Bible Center is taking 20 buses, and New Jersey where Bishop Jose Lopez, President of the Evangelical Pastor’s Association of Hudson County is in charge of another 20. The buses will arrive in Washington, D.C. at 12:00 noon where a prayer vigil will take place in front of the United States Supreme Court. We will be joined by people of faith from all parts of the nation.

The purpose of this prayer vigil is to praise our God and to pray for the very important decision about same-sex marriage that the Supreme Court will render this year.
Therefore, we have decided to travel to the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. where the Supreme Court is located, and there we will publicly praise our Lord and pray for His intercession so He could lead the minds of the Justices to make the right decision.

You should know that our sole purpose traveling to Washington is to pray and praise our God. We are not traveling to Washington to insult or disrespect anyone. We are traveling to Washington to exercise our public right to assembly and freedom of expression. This is our right and it should be respected as any other right.

In the end, our great and sovereign God, the Creator of heaven and earth, will be the One who will allow five or more of the Supreme Court Justices to decide if same-sex marriage is legal or not.

Like it or not, and whatever the final decision will be, we shall always give glory and honor to God, knowing as Christians that the only thing we can do is to pray and put into God’s hands any and all decisions.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is my call to all people of faith throughout the nation. That is why we are going to Washington, that is why we will pray in Washington – and that is why I will see you all in Washington on April 25th.

I am Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.
Back to Washington, D.C. on 117 Buses [NY State Senate]

And yet again, we have a group admitting that its " sole purpose traveling to Washington is to pray and praise our God," even though a Supreme Court opinion that decided civil marriage on the basis of any one person or group's faith would be glaringly unconstitutional and spark a national rebellion.

Organizations like NOM and groups like Diaz' simply don't care. Now that everyone knows they have no credible arguments to make, they are simply declaring that they possess an entitlement allowing them to use their faith a sort of eternal veto against the impressive case we have made for our equality under the law. They're not even faking it anymore. They truly believe—and hope—that their condemnatory version of God can be used to trump our rights, freedoms, and protections under the laws of this country.

And honestly, if that's all the skin they've got in this debate, then let them rent ten thousand buses. It won't make one iota of difference.

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