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Audio: FRC prez denies court's role in civil marriage because God already decided

by Jeremy Hooper

Tony Perkins, someone who is quite well connected to the modern Republican party and its channels, started the little rant by saying he just got done meeting members of Congress to discuss marriage. Then he ended with a smug, self-satisfied finality that leaves thinking adults who want to discuss civil marriage and its recognition with absolutely no room for intelligent discussion:

[SOURCE (clip comes in last five minutes)]

Tony literally wants a United States Supreme Court that will, when tasked with a matter of civil licensing among qualified American taxpayers, issue a two word unanimous opinion that reads, "Because God." And yet we're all supposed to pretend that he is a serious man with serious ideas on this and related subject? No. No, no, a million times no! It's outrageous that we even have to dignify this nonsense at this stage in this debate.

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