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Audio: NOM #March4Marriage speaker opposes 'destructive behavior' of homosexuality, links it to addiction

by Jeremy Hooper

With their so-called "march for marriage" happening only days before the US Supreme Court hears the most critical marriage cases in which the anti-LGBT movement will be tasked with denying that personal animus toward homosexuality is what guides their resistance to civil marriage parity, the National Organization For Marriage should want to book march speakers who do not have clear records of personal hostility toward what they see as "lifestyles" and "behaviors." But instead they booked Jim Garlow:

Of course this is also the same Jim Garlow who has repeatedly blamed Satan for causing gay marriage, who equates Christian opposition to marriage equality to a Revolutionary War uprising, and who equates children of gay parents with children who lost their moms and dads on 9/11 Maybe NOM's hoping he's gone so far out of the globe of political pragmatism that he's getting close to circling back around?


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