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'Children of gays' lawyer to SCOTUS: Ban same-sex marriage so bisexuals will marry heterosexually

by Jeremy Hooper

David Boyle is the Long Beach, CA, attorney who serves as counsel for Robert Oscar Lopez, Brittany Newmark-Klein, and those same four of five so-called "children of gays" (who are more accurately children of divorce and other fractured relationships) who keep popping up all over the conservative media. And now in his own brief, where he argues many flawed reasons for why same-sex marriage bans are a social good, he makes this truly novel argument about bisexuals and sexually-fluid persons:

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 At 11.41.36 AmScreen Shot 2015-04-17 At 11.44.26 Am
David Boyle [SCOTUS]

First, let me say that I'm glad he's calling same-sex marriage bans what they are. It's unlike the opposition to admit that these bans are, in fact, bans. It's helpful that Mr. Boyle is so willing.

That out of the way, it's the height of ridiculousness to (a) suggest that love is going to be stopped by legal options, and (b) that people's desires should be limited by the civil law. If bisexual people exist, and they do, then the proper course for society is to recognize this sexual orientation as a truth. And if it is a truth, then it's just plain cruel to suggest that government should lead a human being's love life, family options, and therefore fate by using an invidious and unjustifiable ban. It wouldn't work, obviously, since bisexual people, like all LGB people, have been forming same-sex couplings for eons, well before the legal option to marry was even on anyone's lips as a graspable goal. But the idea that we should—and in fact must—try to decide someone's benign romantic options by a legal limitation is indeed a cruel and unusual use of big government.

Another unserious idea that is not open for consideration among serious people. A waste of everyone's time.

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