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Desperate anti-gay movement's latest attempt to dehumanize: Gay unions harm straight kids

by Jeremy Hooper

It's no longer enough for the losing marriage discrimination movement to claim that civil parity for certain kinds of couples—couples who have long existed, formed bonds, and formed families, regardless of equal marriage rights—is damaging to our own lives and families and eternal destinies. No, no—in this late stage in the game, with so much writing on the wall, Public Discourse, a journal that is as extreme in its positions as the American Family Association but which tries to hide that fact (and it is a FACT) behind scholarly heft, is now using junk science (Regnerus again? Really?!?!) to tell its readers that gay couples pose a threat to straight parents and their children:

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 At 12.10.49 Pm
Redefining Marriage Would Put Kids of Heterosexuals At Risk [Public Discourse]

This is just shy of evil, if that.

I am a long-married gay parent. I am around straight parents and their kids all the time. In fact, that's almost exclusively who I'm around these days. With many of these parents, I have formed a wonderful community wherein we swap tips, protect each other's kids from harm, wipe away tears of each other's children, play sillier and silver games to the delight of our kids, and genuinely support each other through this intense experience we call child rearing. For Public Discourse and like minds to use a bully platform in order to tell these other parents that my family and my marriage poses a threat to their kids is an act of cruel vengeance against me. It is an attempt to dehumanize me, my husband, my family, and the deeply committed values that we demonstrate every single day. It's poisonous rhetoric that they are deliberately spraying into the ether in hopes that it coats the national psyche. And the one, only, and wholly undeniable goal is to turn straight supporters against us. After all, if we put their kids at "risk," then we are no better than that rusty nail on the playground, that shady man in the ice cream van, or even some sort of disease from which our children require vaccination.

This is not rhetoric to me or the many like me. This is blanket hostility. This is bloodthirsty desperation. This is animus. And yes, it is still all of those things regardless of how much education or training the writer might hold. That only makes it worse, actually.


**IMPORTANT NOTE: The writer, Gene Schaerr, is a Mormon who left his law firm back in 2014 in order to fight same-sex marriage full time. He fully admits that religious is what guides him:

 Image 52E18Dee69Beddc47D1B31Ed-800- Screen-Shot-2014-01-23-At-4.34.03-Pm
Lawyer's Religious Memo Reveals Why He Quit To Fight Gay Marriage Full-Time [Business Insider]

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