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FRC launches new site: 'Freedom' to discriminate against LGBT people, so long as you say 'my religion'

by Jeremy Hooper

And now here's the latest project from anti-LGBT animus group Family Research Council. It's a roundup of many names you know for the sole reason that they wanted to forcefully oppose LGBT people without repercussion, speak out against what they call our "lifestyles" without any response, or (most commonly) flout proper law as it applies to LGBT people and our nondiscrimination. "Free to Believe," FRC disingenuously calls it:

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 At 7.05.01 Pm
Screen Shot 2015-04-27 At 7.04.56 Pm
[FRC's Freedom to Believe]

Believe away, FRC. It's when you believe you are above scrutiny, reproach, or even the law simply because of your faith that you run in to problems.

No word on why the FRC didn't go with its original name: "A New Way To Raise Filthy Lucre Now That We Know We've Lost The Major Bet We Placed On The Onetime Cash Cow That Was Marriage Inequality."

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