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FRC Senior Fellow: We are prepared to 'give our lives' to fight same-sex marriage (i.e. 'our eternal destruction')

by Jeremy Hooper

E.W. Jackson is now a senior fellow at the Family Research Council. E.W. Jackson is now vowing to fight us to the death on marriage equality, if necessary:

Um, who is going to be threatening your life, exactly, Mr. Jackson? I mean, I know that throwing rice at weddings can be dangerous to birds, but you are not avian and that practice has fallen out of favor. Unless you plan to position yourself in a bad spot at a particularly boisterous wedding horah or you imbibe a little too much at the open bar and make reckless choices thereafter, I think you're probably going to be free to go on Christian soldiering without any bodily threats.

That is unless you "culture war" folk are planning on declaring an actual war against us. You're not, right? Right? RIIIIIIGHT?!?!!?

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