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FRC's eighth day of fasting-for-discrimination: Uses passage about forced drowning to condemn gay parents

by Jeremy Hooper

Day eight of the Family Research Council's twenty-one days of prayer is all about gay parents and our children. And this is how it begins:

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Day 8: April 14, 2015: 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting for Marriage [FRC]

Pssst...it's parents like me and equality supporters like you who they are suggesting would be better drowned than allowed to "offend one of these little ones." Lest you be confused.

From there FRC goes on to pray against "unnatural households" and children like mine, and prays against even the idea that homosexuality could every be okay:

--God, please intervene to protect the children who, if forced to grow up in same-sex households, apart from the true nurture and admonition of the Lord and with a distorted view of God, the Bible and the family. Have mercy upon those who are already in such circumstances (Gen 18:19; Dt 11:16-21; Jn 21:15; Eph 6:4).

--Preserve, protect and save these and yet unborn children who will be and already are being adopted into these unnatural households (Is 59:21; Mt 19:14; Jn 10:8-15)

-- Protect all of our children and grandchildren, some who are already being taught in public schools that homosexuality is OK, that same-sex "marriage" is OK, even equivalent in value to natural marriage (Is 59:2-5; Jeremiah 9:3-6; Rom 1:22-32)
Day 8: April 14, 2015: 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting for Marriage [FRC]

I only pray that the Supreme Court, as well as any other gatekeeper who keeps insisting that the Family Research Council is little more than a conservative policy group, is listening to every word. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go put on my life vest, just in case an FRC staffer happens to hear me reading bedtime stories to my kid and gets some drown-happy ideas.



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