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FRC's marriage fasting Day 3: 'The wolf is at the door' (spoiler: we're the wolf)

by Jeremy Hooper

The Family Research Council would be perfectly happy if all nine Supreme Court justices wrote "because God" on a slip of paper and offered it up as their unanimous ruling opposing *civil* marriage equality. Today the organization that cable news still pretends is a mere conservative political organizations make that perfectly clear, as they continue to pray against the "wolves" who dare to think themselves entitled to equal rights:

Pray for our pastors today: that they will rise to the occasion of this critical hour:

1) That they will pray themselves, as they have never prayed before in their lives. That they will cry out to God for this covenantal, organic institution that God implanted into the fabric of mankind in the Garden.

2) Pray that they will call their churches to prayer during these final weeks and lead them into aggressive but solemn prayer.

3) Pray that they will preach on prayer and marriage and lead their congregations into crying out to God for His mercy that our Supreme Court will not dare to touch that which God created and anointed. That the fear of God will come upon each Justice.

4) Pray that churches all over America would call their people to pray in groups, conduct round the clock vigils, fasts, solemn assemblies, and telephone conference calls– all kinds of prayer.

5) Pray that they will not stand idly by but take action to make their elected leaders know that they expect them to take action if this ruling goes the wrong way. Remember the Religious Freedom Reformation Act that was passed by Congress in 1993, was to correct a wrongful Supreme Court decision that had led to the government abuse of citizen religious conscience. This is far bigger and if the Supreme Court does not rule aright men of God must lead the way to resist it.

6) May they lead their people to pray over each Justice, that God will move upon each one to persuade him or her to think and vote aright

7) Pray for your own pastor and pray for pastors across America, that they will arise to their unique role at this moment. The Wolf is at the door. May our pastors be shown to be good shepherds who, when they see the wolf coming, will do what Jesus did!

8) Prayer that denominational leaders, pastors of pastors will arise, lead with urgency and call those whom they serve to likewise arise to the emergency we face, calling them to do what is written here. Many, many pastors have remained aloof form the cultural battles of our day but these are not just “cultural” battles, they are moral and spiritual battle for the soul of our nation that if they are not won on the knees of pastors and their people – we will enter into a dark night of the soul, the likes of which we have never imagined.

FULL: Day 3: April 9, 2015: 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting for Marriage [FRC]
(**UPDATE: After doing these for eight disastrous days, FRC scrubbed all of these prayers from its site. More on that here. Find screen cap of the scrubbed post below)

9) After the dark night of the soul begins in earnest, zombie versions of deceased gay people will rise from the dirt in search of your babies.

10) They will then try to eat your babies.

11) Don't let them eat your babies. First pray, obviously. Then find some canned goods and throw them at them. They are vulnerable to hard metals, so they will cower at the thrown cans; they are preferential to gourmet food, so they will balk at your selections.

12) As the gay zombies run from your home, proceed to triple bolt all doors and windows.

13) Avoid all television programs. Hollywood uses the liberal media to send out brainwashing. Once the dark night of the soul comes to be reality, they will start sending subliminal messages over the air in order to recruit you into their wolf pack. DON'T. LET. THEM.

14) Once in a safe and quiet environment free of influencers, call your bank and tell them to wire all of your cash to the Family Research Council. Trust us—it's the only way we will overcome this gay zombie torment.

15) We also take credit cards.


*EARLIER: Day One: FRC claims Christians will be 'under accelerated assault for the rest of our lives' if SCOTUS rules for equality at this 'evil hour'

Day Two: FRC leads supporters into 'spiritual warfare' against 'doctrines of the devil,' 'hosts of hell' (i.e. married gay people)


**SCREEN CAP OF SCRUBBED POST (more on that here):


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