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FRC's seventh day of fasting-for-discrimination: In support of brief that 'explains' God's coming judgement

by Jeremy Hooper

Yesterday's edition of the PR disaster that is the Family Research Council's twenty-one days of prayer and fasting for marriage (see collected roundup below) was actually a little muted. However, this bit stood out:

Over a hundred and eighty briefs have been submitted, about 80 in favor of same-sex “marriage,” about 50, against

One of them explains how the Judgment of God that will come upon our nation, if the justices rule the wrong way. Unless the Spirit of God opens their eyes, some of the Justices may see these as whacky. One newspaper called the briefs everything from profound to whacky. Most of the mainstream press, of course, leans toward same-sex “marriage,”

FULL: Day 7: April 13, 2015: 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting for Marriage [FRC]

Ah, so glad that brief (from the truly whacky Public Advocate organization) "explained" God's coming wrath to us. I at least thought there was some wiggle room and that God might not actually destroy America if fifty-state equality comes our way. I guess I stand corrected, since FRC is insistent that what I had seen as an opinion is actually an "explanation."

Neither FRC nor the amicus brief the organization favors has explained how, exactly, God will destroy us once even the reddest states have civil equality. But I'm sure once God pulls them into the situation room and briefs them on the tactical plans, I'm sure they will give us at least a heads up on the empirical truth that is our apparent doom.


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