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Heritage's Anderson links 'propaganda' of modern marriage equality supporters to anti-miscegenation racists

by Jeremy Hooper

In an interview with uber anti-gay American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios, Heritage Foundation employee, Public Discourse editor, and marriage discrimination pundit Ryan T. Anderson—who likes to play the "above it all" intellectual despite the people with whom he associates and promotes, the cause Screen Shot 2015-04-06 At 9.57.20 Pmor which he advocates, and the rhetoric that he himself has dished—equated current supporters of marriage equality with past opponents of interracial marriage. A snip and link to full clip:

For the past generation, there have been a bunch of lies told in the public schools and in the media, lots of propaganda, but propaganda can’t win in the long run. In the long-run, the truth wins out...In the same way when there were some racists who tried to say that you can’t have interracial marriage, that was propaganda, it was a lie, and it failed. In the same way, trying to eliminate that marriage is about uniting the two halves of humanity, not black and white, because that’s not the two halves of humanity, the two halves of humanity, male and female, husband and wife, mom and dad, you can’t erase that, and in the long run the truth will win out.”
FULL: Ryan T. Anderson: Gay Marriage Advocates Like Opponents Of Interracial Marriage [RWW]

Not surprising considering the many times I've seen Ryan promote the view that modern pro-equality rulings are in the same intellectual ballpark as the infamous Dred Scott ruling in support of slavery. But still shocking to hear the ease and frequency with with these kinds of ideas now flow off the tongues of even the more "mainstream" anti-LGBT movement figures.

Their desperation is showing—and how.

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