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Mike Huckabee blatantly lies about something no civil marriage activist is seeking

by Jeremy Hooper

One thing that has annoyed me most about this particular "culture war" debate is how the opposition is so hellbent on painting us as evil tyrants that they won't accept any good faith efforts that we extend. For instance, we have long said—consistently, a a movement, in a loud and unanimous voice—that our fight is only for *civil* marriage equality and that we are perfectly happy leaving individuals churches to do as they always have with marriage and decide who they do and do not want to marry. When it comes to the religious ceremony (that is always ancillary and optional to the civil marriage process), pastors and other faith leaders have always had the ability to turn away just about any couple for just about any arbitrary reason. Nothing has changed in the over ten years that marriage equality has been in this country; there isn't one honest broker in this debate who suggests that this will change once marriage equality comes to all fifty states.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 At 6.40.44 PmBut Mike Huckabee is a fear broker, not an honest one. That being the sad truth, this is what Mr. "god, guns, grits, and gravy" told a conference call that the Family Research Council recently organized;

If the courts rule that people have a civil right not only to be a homosexual but a civil right to have a homosexual marriage, then a homosexual couple coming to a pastor who believes in biblical marriage who says ‘I can’t perform that wedding’ will now be breaking the law,” he said. “It’s not just saying, ‘I’m sorry you have a preference.’ No, you will be breaking the law subject to civil for sure and possible criminal penalties for violating the law…. If you do practice biblical convictions and you carry them out and you do what you’ve been led by the spirit of God to do, your behavior will be criminal.” [Audio and more at link]

Total lie. And what's worse is that he absolutely knows it. He's not one of the duped—he's one of the power brokers who deals the steaming piles of dupe to the masses so that they will turn on us. That's his game. That's what he does. He twists and turns and spins and weaves, for a living—and for Jesus.

And he wants to be your president, America. God help us.

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