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NOM: We're broke and need money before you see no reason to ever give to us again

by Jeremy Hooper

The National Organization For Marriage, an organization that knows empty gasps of wind if ever there was one, is telling supporters that "a fresh breeze" is blowing favor to their cause. However, to sustain this gust of fiction wind, NOM is also telling supporters they must re-fill NOM's depleted coffers between now and the time SCOTUS issues its sure-to-be-historic ruling. For obvious reasons:

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 At 5.30.40 PmYou see, the Supreme Court is expected to issue their decision in Obergefell v Hodges — the case where gay activists are seeking to have laws defining marriage as one man and one woman declared unconstitutional — at the end of June. Between now and then, it is imperative that the justices and the media hear from us loudly and regularly on behalf of the American people that we expect them to uphold our votes for marriage and the right of voters and legislators to preserve marriage. They need to know that any decision purporting to redefine marriage will be seen as judicial activism and be considered illegitimate.

We have a lot on our plate right now, and unfortunately few resources with which to conduct our work. You see, with everything that we have thrown into the fight for marriage — between the March for Marriage, the Supreme Court fight and our tireless efforts to communicate the truth of marriage through the media — our coffers are empty.

Marriage Supporter, this is why I have to ask you for a financial contribution at this pivotal time. We've come so far, but the next two months is critical to the fight.

NOM goes on to say they have this effort of that nonsense planned for the future, and that's why they need cash. But let's get real. NOM knows that once the court issues a ruling in favor of marriage equality, which is just as expected today as it was two days ago (with some even seeing reasons to believe CJ Roberts will come to the right side), there is going to be a massive and NOM-crippling psychological shift in the country that will dry up NOM's already lame support base. This is especially true with an election coming up, where grassroots donors will see much more reason to support a candidate rather than special interest with a track record as terrible as NOM's.

This "fresh breeze" is nothing more than an attempt to put together a nest egg while the spotlight is so bright. Which is actually one of the more responsible things NOM has done in its short and undistinguished lifetime. After all, one must carefully plan for retirement.

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