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On marriage, FRC prays SCOTUS will 'rule in the fear of the Lord'

by Jeremy Hooper

Here is the eighth of the Family Research Council's prayers targeting each Supreme Court justice, this one targeting notoriously silent archconservative Clarence Thomas:

Pray that Justice Thomas will become bolder in expressing his thoughtful, spiritually enlightened legal opinions. (Pr 10:19; Acts 4:31)
Pray that he will become the very influence upon the court that liberals fear. And may this upcoming marriage case be an opportunity for this quiet man, in a case that will have a huge impact on the health of our nation and its families. (Heb 11; Jude 7)
Pray that Justice Thomas and each of his colleagues will rule in the fear of the Lord, faithfully, and with a perfect heart. (2 Chr 19:9)

Liberals fear Thomas? Weird. I didn't realize "fear" was a synonym for "roll eyes at."

No word on what a marriage ruling "in the fear of the Lord" would look like. But it sounds fiery!!



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