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READ: A bevy of anti-gay (and pro-'ex-gay') Supreme Court amicus briefs

by Jeremy Hooper

Groups and individuals that have shown a heckuva lot of animus toward LGBT rights and human beings for some reason think they can persuade the Supreme Court into seeing an argument that goes beyond their own personally-held convictions and/or (but usually and) condemnations.

Family Research Council:

FRC's anti-gay amicus brief to SCOTUS

Parents and Friends of 'Ex-gays':

PFOX's anti-gay amicus brief to SCOTUS

Ryan Anderson:

Ryan Anderson's anti-equality amicus brief to SCOTUS

Ruth Institute:

Ruth Institute's anti-gay amicus brief to SCOTUS

Foundation For Moral Law (*founded by Justice Roy Moore and currently run by his wife Kayla):

Foundation for Moral Law Amicus Brief by Equality Case Files

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