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Reality stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar vow to defy pro-equality SCTOUS ruling

by Jeremy Hooper

I've already told you about the so-called "marriage pledge," wherein some of the most extreme activists in the nation have vowed to openly defy any Supreme Court ruling that brings marriage equality to all fifty states. Well look who also signed on:

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FULL LIST: Defend Marriage

Because openly flouting court-tested laws and the civil rights of your neighbor is apparently the path to both heaven and your own highly profitable TV fame. And all this time I thought it was love and respect that got you far in both this and the next life.

No word if TLC, a network that continually ignores the Duggars' often quite vicious anti-LGBT politicking in order to keep portraying them as some fun and noncontroversial family of faith, will see any need to mention the fact that their stars have vowed to very fully disrespect a large demographic of TLC viewers. But maybe they'll save it for the family's spin-off, "We Believe Gays Are Going To Burn In Hell For Eternity—And Counting"

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