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Scott Lively brands marriage at SCOTUS: 'Satan's Super Bowl'

by Jeremy Hooper

Does this branding, from a man who is literally standing trial for crimes against humanity, mean that I get to make potato skins again?

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Look also for an increasingly virulent wave of self-righteous judgmentalism against faithful Christians and the Bible-believing church — the only remaining barrier to “gay” cultural hegemony in America. This is Satan’s Superbowl and he is in it to win it. And in the process to cause as much hurt and injury as possible to the opposing team. I hope I’m wrong, but experience leads me to expect that by the time SCOTUS comes out with its pro-homosexual “marriage” ruling, the metaphorical Superbowl Stadium of Marriage is going to look to the average citizen more like the Roman Coliseum — the stands filled with triumphant advocates of homosexuality cheering the spectacle of Christians being fed to the lions.
FULL: Satan’s Superbowl: “Gay Marriage” at SCOTUS [Scott Lively]

I really like potato skins.

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