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The anti-gay right is really testing the limits of America's bullsh*t meter

by Jeremy Hooper

This snippet comes from the National Organization For Marriage. Check out the highlighted part:

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 At 9.32.27 Pm

These cake and florist and photography cases are not discrimination against gays and lesbians but rather "cases where people of faith have been discriminated against for acting in concert with their faith"? I mean, come on with that noise! I know the anti-LGBT right has never met a word or phrase that it isn't willing to redefine, but the idea that turning away actual human gays and lesbian customers is something other than discrimination is nervy, even for them.

Then again, theirs is now a reality where the biggest companies and political figures and celebrities in this country now come out—and how!—against their every last political game move, and where even Republican governors in red states have no choice but to rethink giving full buy-in to this movement's extreme goals. If you are someone who looks at the obvious writing on the wall and then insist to your followers that it still provides a roadmap for some sort of face-saving win, you're likely to tell them anything.

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